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Congratulations! We are excited to serve you. If you recently won an auction from us, go ahead and make deposit via Paypal. Please contact us right away and let us know how you would like to arrange pickup or delivery. We will guide you from here.

Yes, depending on the situation we can always accommodate deposit refunds.

We are always happy to help you sell your classic. Contact us and we will go over all the options with you.

Things can happen, we understand that things wear out, and would be happy to help you with anything that may happen within 30 days of your purchase.

California Cars

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We can assist with shipping arrangments. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs, unless otherwise noted within this auction.

Buyers may also be picked up by our staff anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area.

Buyers will not be reimbursed for any fees or charges incurred if he/she chooses other forms of customer pickup (taxi, shuttle, bus, etc.).

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